Monday, April 2, 2012

Dusting off the RCs

So, it's been far too long since I've held a radio.  I just returned from a 6 and 1/2 month deployment to the dust bucket called Afghanistan.  I'm so excited to get back and start racing just as the outdoor asphalt and off-road seasons begin.  I couldn't have come back at a better time!!

As it turns out, I forgot where I was with all my projects and had to realize the hard way that I still had some work to do before I could hit the track.  That didn't stop me from trying though... and I almost tore my Jammin SCRT10 4WD to pieces before I realized I needed to get some parts and some diff fluid.  WHOOPS!!  I really need some new tires too....

Let's just hope it's like riding a bike and you never really forget what you're doing.

Expect more blogging now that I'm back and I plan on doing a bit of traveling this year.  Good stuff coming this way!!!

In case anybody was wondering what the heck I was doing over there in the dirty ole desert, here's some pics for you viewing pleasure.



  1. Let me guess, you were trying to figure out how to miniturize the missles so you could mount them in your touring car??

  2. HAHA!! A James Bond touring car... outta the way!!