Friday, February 25, 2011

My First Blog Post

This is a totally new experience for me... blogging... or even reading blogs for that matter. My wife, Stephanie, blogs all the time and I figured it would be a great way to pass the time when I'm bored.  I moved to eastern North Carolina two years ago and quickly found myself bored to death... probably because the Air Force sent me to Afghanistan less than four months after settling in. That was a "not so fun" experience. After returning home, I was once again bored... so for my birthday, I decided I needed a hobby to keep my sanity. My wife bought me a Traxxas T-Maxx from a quiet little hobby shop (Glenn's Hobby Corner) and that's where my addiction begins.  After seeing the tracks at the facility Glenn had in Rosewood, NC, I was really curious.  There was an indoor carpet track (oval and touring), an outdoor asphalt touring track, and an outdoor asphalt oval course.  I wanted to see what went on here during race days and asked Glenn and some of the other local guys that hang out there when the races were held.  I came down the next Saturday and I was impressed. Glenn's shop was sponsoring a T.O.U.R. oval event.  The crowd was pretty big and the racing was fast.  The next week.... I witnessed some touring races and quickly bought my first touring car: a used Team Associated TC4.  I had no idea how caught up I would get.....


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