Saturday, February 26, 2011

My First Race

My first racing experience was not with a touring car, but with an oval Legends car. This race class is designed to be the economical class. I decided I would try this class before spending a considerable amount on something that I might not even be into. I found a used Bolink Legend chassis for sale on and quickly purchased the rest of the equipment I would need (Tamiya 540-J silver can motor, Tekin FX ESC, an SMC 1S LiPo battery, foam spec tires, a transponder, and a reciever for a radio I already had from my T-Maxx). I headed to the track excited about racing that day. I still had to mount all the electronics on the chassis. After sitting at the pit box for a little, clueless about where to put everything on my car, a couple regulars came over to chip in with advice, and they even gave me some supplies to help me out. I quickly learned that sharing, borrowing, and bartering are commonplace in the RC world. Everyone stashes old parts and hardware just in case they need them. So I got everything put together and the car was finally running... with just enough time to charge my battery before the first qualifying heat. I don't even know what I placed after the three qualifiers and the main, and frankly I didn't give a crap. I had a great time running that little car in circles, and trying my hardest not to roll over with my super grippy foam tires. The guys helped me out that day and showed me a couple tricks that would help me with car setup. I knew that one day, I would be competitive after I learned a few ins and outs. After all was said and done, I had a blast and met some great people.


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