Saturday, April 30, 2011

On-Road Asphalt Racing

Saturday, Apr 30 kicked off the official start to the Down East Championship Series between Rosewood R/C Speedway and Fayetteville Model Racing Club.  There was a great turn out and the racing was spectacular as always at Glenn's facility.  It was a nice, bright, warm, and (most importantly) dry day.  Pretty much the perfect day to race.  Congratulations go out to Timmie Harrington (1st in 12th scale and Touring Mod), Jimbo "I won GT" Dove (1st in Touring GT), and Justin Lessard (1st in 17.5 Touring).  The Fayettenam crew ran great... but with Rosewood taking wins in all four classes... well.. we'll just have to wait and see how the points are distributed.   There are many more months of racing ahead of us and with the next round going down in Fayetteville (Sunday May 29th), who knows what's going to happen.

Here's a few pics from the days racing... enjoy.

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