Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rosewood RC Speedway (Glenn's Hobby Corner)

Glenn's facility is one of the best I have seen.  Back in July 2010 I stopped by to check out the used RC trucks that he had for sale.  Specifically, a T-Maxx that I was going to buy for my birthday.  Ron, the race announcer and local goofball, was answering all the questions a newbie asks when getting into the hobby.  Then I noticed a sign that said "Race Track Entrance".  Back then, I didn't realize what amazing wonder I just stumbled across.

I went through the door, playing out some sort of Alice in Wonderland scenario.  Beyond those doors was where the real action of Rosewood takes place.  The first track was the indoor carpet that was in the midst of a renovation and a plethora of pit spaces with power.  This track, as you can see in my videos, is used for some seriously competitive oval racing.  I learned later that the racing at Rosewood RC Speedway is frequented by some of the top racers in the nation.  Many national champs and even a couple of RC company head honchos gather here to spruce up their skills and get prepared for the BIG events, such as Snowbirds, and Oval Nats.  Needless to say, if carpet oval is your thing and you want to improve your skills, you need to race against the best and that's what Glenn's facility offers.

That's not all, the carpet track is converted every other Sunday into a road course for some serious touring car action.  The competition on this level is right up there with the oval guys.  National champs, sponsored racers, and fast laps are frequent at these club races as well. 

Beyond the next door is the outdoor tracks.  A very impressive asphalt touring track that can be set up in different configurations is the highlight of the warmer months.  I have yet to experience asphalt racing, but I am more than excited about this years Down East Championship Series between Rosewood RC and FMRC (Fayetteville Model Racing Club).  This event is currently being organized by Tim Shurr and Tim McKeand in conjunction with Rosewood and Fayetteville members. 

To top it off, there is one more track.  An outdoor asphalt oval course that is to blame for may addiction.  Back to that day in July, I was told of an event that Rosewood RC Speedway was hosting in August.  It was a T.O.U.R. series race.  I brought a coworker along for the ride to check out the event.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I was completely unaware of how big RC racing really was.  People from all over gathered and the pits were full.  To my amazement, a few people even tow trailers fitted with all the important necessities to pit.  I wanted in on this....

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