Saturday, March 5, 2011

Off-Road Racing at Thunder Alley R/C Speedway

In an effort to fulfill my need for more R/C, I ventured to Thunder Alley R/C Speedway in Wilson, NC for off-road racing.  I am fairly new to R/C and started with carpet touring back in September last year.  Since then, I have tried several touring classes and have had some luck and even placed a couple of times.  So, in an effort to broaden my horizons, one of my buddies let me run a Jammin SCRT-10 truck in the mod class.  Short course racing is a total different monster compared to anything on-road.  To say the least, I thought it would be a little easier keeping the wheels on the ground and the truck out of the air... and not on it's roof.  I did a decent job of qualifying... 3rd and just .8 secs short of 2nd.  So I was pretty confident going into the main with a "looser" way of handling an R/C vehicle.  After the 2nd lap, I had managed to "not crash" enough to get myself into the top spot.  That's right... my first time racing on dirt and I'm leading the pack!!  Unfortunately, a ball joint didn't see things my way.  Apparently, when you nose dive out of a jump (lawn dart as some of the guys called it) things tend to pop off, break, or just loosen up.  The turn marshalls popped the ball joint back into place twice... but not after I dropped 3 spots into 4th.  Where I would coast to an unsavory finish.  The lesson I learned while off-road racing was simply... don't wreck and don't break nothing.

I managed to get my camera out for a couple of rounds and got a few good pics of the rest of the action.

1/8th E-Buggy

Throwing dirt!

Tearing Down the Straight

Catching Air


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