Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why do we do this?

I'm not entirely positive how it happened, but I would imagine it all going down like this.....

After the first automobile is made, some other guy decided he wanted to get in on the action.  Which in turn created a little competition... how could the second guy make his automobile better than the first?  The answer is SPEED... and so to determine who had the faster automobile, they set them up side by side and stomped on the throttle... wide open at a whopping 15 or so MPH.  BAM!! Racing was born... and never died, sort of like Larry King.  Soon after, the competition must have gotten pretty heated... because they didn't have rules, classes, or any guidelines in the beginning.  It was simple... whoever went faster was the winner.  After that, they probably decided to try other ways to race, i.e. touring, off-road, drag, oval, etc.  That's pretty much the greatest birth of a sport right there!  Caused by competition, to raise the competition, and now look at where we are today. 

So, here's the deal-e-o... people race because of two reasons, they like to have fun and they like to win, although some like to win more than others.  And of course, the sweet taste of victory is much nicer than the bitterness of defeat.  However, sometimes it seems like there may be something out there that just doesn't seem to want you to succeed.  If you run three qualifiers and break a part in one, your battery dumps in another, and strip a spur gear in the third... leaving you dead last in the mains, how the hell are you supposed to have fun now?  Well, it goes without saying that even though we are all racing "for fun", it is a lot of fun to win, place, or just beat your best lap times.  Whether you are a beginner, a novice, an expert, or you've been around since the invention of the tire (Larry King), you should always have a goal for the day.  You may want to beat your fastest lap time, make more laps, become more consistent, get on the podium, or just finally finish a dang race.  If you can meet that goal, then you can consider yourself a winner for the day.  Sometimes, you may even get lucky and completely overshoot your goal.

The RC hobby has provided me a couple things I find to be necessities in my life.  Racing and competition... all the other stuff (friends, fun, excitement, etc.) are all along for the ride.  So, I'd like to say a few words to those that are not involved in RC racing... "na na na na boo boo... stick your head in doo doo".  That is all.


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